Sunday, October 20, 2013


The end of a uni week called for a trip to new delicious foods, and Thyme Cafe ended up being the final choice.  Nestled between a few other cafes in Victoria Square, Thyme is a narrow and long restaurant with a combination of comfy sofas, interesting artwork and an extensive menu.

It took some time for us to decide on our meals, and a complimentary bottle of table water was brought over to us during the wait.  It was also cool and dark inside - perfect for escaping the blazing sun.

Penne Broccolo: broccoli, field mushrooms, walnuts, garlic cream & parmesan ($15.90)
Vegelicious Focaccia: $10.90
Didn't get to try either one of them, but the focaccia looked very vegelicious indeed.  The penne apparently had lots of walnuts which was a highlight.

Spaghetti Carbonara: bacon, field mushrooms, garlic cream, truffle oil & parmesan ($16.90)
As a kid I used to love carbonara because it's pretty much cream, cheese and bacon - a fat kid's dream.  In recent years I've tended to choose tomato sauces over cream ones, but this day I chose the carbonara because the ingredients list was just too yum to resist.  It was pretty good - very creamy, great flavours from the bacon and parmesan and the poached egg yolk...oh man.  Perfection.  At first I thought it was a fairly small serving but eventually realised the richness and creaminess from the sauce really adds up and ends up heavy in the stomach.

Comfortable, relaxing and relatively inexpensive for lunch, Thyme was a good choice.  I want to go back and try their breakfast options though - their french toast sounds so good!

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