Saturday, August 23, 2014

bread & bone wood grill.

Peel Street, get it on your foodar stat, with the little lane off of Hindley Street and Currie Street becoming home to some of the newest and hippest eateries in Adelaide.  Bread and Bone Grill is no exception and the best thing is that they're open from lunchtime until late everyday so there's no excuse not to go try it out! Lunchtimes are generally more quiet but it can get really packed at night and there's an awesome combination of conversation and food flowing freely through the warehouse-style restaurant.

Menu options are plentiful with a range of burgers, hot dogs, wood-grill dishes and even salads for those looking for something lighter.  They have a bar downstairs called Maybe Mae which is a great place to have a drink while waiting for your table, a likelihood since they don't take bookings!

The 300: $20.00
Double Cheeseburger: $15.50
B&B Burger: $13.50
The first three burgers were not my orders but there was a general consensus that they were fairly good.  There are some burgers which a limp and a bit 'eh' but these were the opposite - strong, hearty burgers although quite small for the price you pay.

Soft Shell Crab Burger: $17.50
My order didn't turn out as delicious as I had hoped.  I prefer my soft-shell crab to be lightly battered, crunchy and full of meat and juice, but this one was too hard and fried for too long.  I did like the chilli kewpie mayonnaise it came with - could definitely eat a whole jar of that with pickles or fries.  

Onion Rings: $5.00
These were probably the favourite dish of the night - we couldn't get enough of them! Unlike the heavily battered onion rings you get at most American diners, these were only lightly coated and deep-fried until they were golden but not super crunchy.  They cost $5 a bowl, which isn't too bad, so I'd recommend getting two bowls to share among a few people.  Just because they're that good.

Salted Peanut Brittle & Caramelised Popcorn Soft Serve: $6.00
Ha! I will never forget this soft serve for one reason - the first time we tried it, it tasted like cardboard! It tasted like peanut brittle and caramel as well and it was truly yummy, but there was this faint flavour of cardboard that we just couldn't pin.  We thought it could have been the wooden spoons but it wasn't.  Nonetheless, it is actually really good and the popcorn is amazing.

Red Velvet Soft Serve: $6.00
I was so excited to try this.  I mean, red velvet soft serve? Yes pleeease.  Unfortunately it wasn't as spectacular as I was hoping it to be.  There wasn't much flavour to it and I feel like it needed to have a stronger chocolate taste in the actual ice cream as opposed to chocolate shavings.  

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