Monday, July 29, 2013

sir cafe.

Adelaide's newest dessert place, Sir Cafe, has been open on Rundle Street for a few months now, but you'd be forgiven for not even knowing that it was there.  They're located right next to Vego & Lovin' It, which is accessible via the stairs next to the clothing store Naked. 

The cafe has has a bit of an antique Victorian theme going on inside with large mirrors, odd animal decorations and candles to set the mood.  There are also antique-styled chaises and sofas used instead of chairs in the front area which are absolutely perfect for someone my height, but beware of falling asleep during your dessert because they are so soft and very comfortable to lean back on.

We arrived at the little cafe at around 9:30 and it was completely full - all six tables had been taken.  The owner took down my phone number and told me that it could be a 15-20 minute wait, which I probably would have been more happier to do so if it was inside.  However, since there was no space to sit and wait (the place is tiny) my party of three ended up walking around Rundle Street in the cold for about 25 minutes.

Sir Waffle: $11.90

The waffles were pretty ordinary and were served with ice-cream, a dollop of whipped cream, chocolate sauce and strawberries.  I prefer my waffles to be crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside (is that the general preference?), but these were kind of soft.  They tasted as though they had been bought and reheated, although the owner did assure us that everything was made by themselves.

Chocolate Cube: $14.90
This was huge.  There were two thick slices of toasted, honeyed bread on the bottom, topped with cream, chocolate brownies, chocolate icecream, a chocolate macaron and chocolate sticks to complete a chocoholic's dream.  I loved the bread.  It was slightly crunchy and really sweet after using it to soak in the honey and chocolate icecream. 

Mango Pudding: $8.90
There were mixed reactions to the mango pudding.  I really enjoyed this version of mango pudding - smooth, creamy and not too jelly-like - but another said they preferred the harder version.  The pudding is served with coconut milk to pour over and also the yummy popping pearls.

Latte & Iced Apple Tea: $3.50 & $5.90

Hot Apple Tea: $4.90
The beverage list consists of the normal coffees and teas, with a few extra options such as the Apple Tea which two of us ordered.  The iced apple tea came in a huge glass and the hot apple tea came in a beautiful teapot, with the teapot fitting into the cup so it merges into one.  Very cute.  The tea itself tasted like freshly squeezed apple juice and nothing more.  Not that it wasn't delicious - in fact it was sweet and refreshing and the hot apple tea is definitely a winter must-have - but if it's being called tea, I would like to have tea, not juice.  Comments on the latte (from a seasoned coffee drinker) were that the foam was extremely good but the coffee was a bit lukewarm.

Although there were a few setbacks - the very long wait, menu items not being available anymore, juice instead of tea - I think it was a pretty good first impression.  The owner was very apologetic about us having to wait, and served us with such friendliness and warmth that I felt bad about being her apologising all the time.  The food was not too bad, although I would definitely recommend sharing the cube with another (or three) if a light dessert is what you're after, because it is huge.  The other desserts are generally okay for one person.

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