Tuesday, July 29, 2014

devon cafe.

Sydney eats! It's rather sad to admit, but I get this weird tingly happy/excited feeling whenever I find some place I want to eat at.  More excited than, let's say, Australia winning the Olympics (hypothetically, of course).  Ever since I saw photos of their beautiful and delicious-looking food on Instagram, Devon Cafe shot to the top of my to-eat-in-Sydney list and stayed there.  It seems as though I wasn't the only one who experienced this as the first time I tried to get in there was a one hour wait on the weekend.  Luckily I came back on a weekday and there was no line!  

From the front it looks rather small, but there's a fairly decent-sized seating area at the back as well.  Menu options range from ordinary toast and toppings to the more extravagant caviar and eggs blini or the Ultimate Toastie - a truckload of truffles with fried eggs on toast.  They've also got a reputation for a good cup of coffee too, although, as readers would know, that ain't my cup of tea.

Truffled Croissant: truffles, scrambled eggs, bacon & croissant ($25.00)
Have you ever died and gone to food heaven?  Well, if you feel like trying it sometime, order this.  I believe the exact words my friend said was "This is amazing.  I am in shock."  The croissant was so intensely buttery and flaky that it didn't need all the extra toppings to be delicious, although no one was complaining.  The scrambled eggs were deemed to be perfect and there was a very generous amount of shaved truffle accentuating the flavours.  The only let down was the bacon, which was a bit bland and lacking in salt. 

Eggs Blini: buckwheat blini, salmon caviar, poached eggs, broccolini, sauce Mikado & cured salmon ($19.00)
Not quite the same "I am in shock" reaction but still incredibly delicious.  The blini is the bottom layer and tastes pretty much like a pancake.  It was covered in a very liberal serving of raw salmon, large salmon caviar and perfectly cooked broccolini.  The Mikado sauce was probably the most interesting element - it was almost like a Hollandaise save for a slight citrus flavour to it (Google says it's tangerine).  It wasn't a huge portion but I found that it still filled me up quite well.  

Hot Chocolate
Mmm...not quite the hot chocolate I prefer.  If you're looking for a milky drink then this is the one for you.  I prefer a stronger and thicker sort.

After waiting for so long, I'm happy to say that the wait was worth it.  Both of the dishes we ordered were scrumptious and well worth their money.  Unfortunately the service was really, really slow.  There weren't a lot of people in during the time we went and it still took nearly 40 minutes for our food to arrive.  I can only imagine the dreaded waiting times on the weekend.  If you're a patient kind of person, you probably won't mind coming on the weekend.  But if you're like me, impatient and unemployed, definitely try get in on a weekday.  

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  1. this looks like the most amazing, decadent, delicious brunch in the world! YUM! :)

  2. It was! Literally one of those 'omg' moments :D

  3. I have been wanting to go to Devon for ages! Its still on my list of places to eat. Its unfortunate that the food took a long time to come but it looks like it was worth the wait!