Saturday, July 26, 2014

steven ter horst chocolatier.

There is chocolate, and then there is chocolate.  One step into Steven Ter Horst and you know they are the latter.  Situated in between Yiros House and Aurum on Rundle Street, their sleek black and white interior and carefully set out dessert displays really set them apart from your average choccy shop.

They have a selection of ready-made desserts in their glass display and a huge range of drinks to choose from.  I love the fact that they have a variety of cold drinks which aren't just iced chocolate - their iced teas are amazing - and that they have a few different kinds of hot chocolate for the adventurous.

Hot Chocolate: Hazelnut Praline & Mint
In terms of colour, there isn't much difference.  Chocolate is chocolate-coloured.  But the taste is so different.  The hazelnut is extremely rich, almost to the point of over-sweet, although for me it hovers just below that line.  There's a strong nut flavour to it and it's almost like drinking liquid Ferrero Rochers.  The mint is just as strong so mint-lovers should definitely try it out.

Lemon Lust: $9.00
A pillow of vibrant yellow mousse with an almond praline and cocoa sponge base, the lemon lust caught my eye immediately.  Inside is a deliciously chewy caramel centre which helps offset the sourness of the mousse.  I wasn't expecting the mousse to be quite that tart, although I guess it is lemon, but the balance between sweet and sour was just right.  The textures were also amazing - crunchy almond base with soft and fluffy mousse.  This is a favourite.

The Framboise: $9.00
I've recently been warming up to raspberries and this has definitely helped in that regard.  The cake is divided into five layers - chocolate biscuit base, chocolate mousse, raspberry gel, raspberry sponge and a coating of chocolate ganache.  I quite liked the slight bitterness stemming from the dark chocolate biscuit base contrasting with the lighter and sweeter upper layers.  The macaron was also deemed to be 'sooo good'.

Strawberry Iced Tea: ginger, green tea & mint ($7.50)
Love, love, love this iced tea.  I first had this during summer last year and it was probably the best pick-me-up ever.  Deliciously flavoured with strawberry puree and crushed ginger, it's a must try for someone who needs to zing up their day.

Light Hot Chocolate
I know what you're thinking.  Light hot chocolate? Why! But take my word, it does not taste any different to a regular hot chocolate and it's incredibly rich and smooth.  There is no hint that the beverage was made with half-fat milk since the chocolate component is at full strength.  Also a favourite.

Steven Ter Horst is expensive, there's no doubt about it, but it's a rare case of the price matching the quality.  Every item at this place is so carefully crafted and composed, plus they are consistently delicious.  It is definitely one of my favourite dessert places and I highly recommend it to everyone.  Just go.

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