Monday, July 21, 2014

cafe troppo.

More birthday food for me, yay! My dad and I woke up early (well, early for me) to get a table at the popular Cafe Troppo, right on one of the corners in Whitmore Square.  It was a good thing we got there at the time we did since it started filling up incredibly quickly as soon as we sat down.  It has quite the lush, market-place look with hanging pot plants and woody embellishments, indoor and covered outdoor seating and the promising smell of coffee and baked goods wafting through.  

They change their menu every week - both brunch and tapas - so there's always something new on offer and more reasons to get excited.  Most dietary requirements are covered with vegetarian and gluten-free options and breakfast is served on the weekend from 9am to 3pm.  

Chilli Super Eggs: scrambled eggs with kale, spinach, chilli & herbs served with rocket and aioli + chorizo ($19.00)
I've never really jumped onto the kale bandwagon and this didn't make me change my mind, but it was an interesting experience.  The eggs were very light and fluffy and packed with kale and spinach although a little bland.  They really needed something else to lift up the flavours and the aioli, though rich, wasn't enough.  I wish they had scrambled the chilli in with the eggs so they could have added some heat but I guess that could be too hot for some people.  The marino chorizo has a much more meatier texture than normal chorizo and it's less rubbery - but I think I like the normal chorizo better.

Brekky Pizza: homemade red sauce, swiss cheese, greens, bacon & poached egg ($15.00)
Man, if breakfast looked like this every morning I would have no problems with getting out of bed.  The base was thin and slightly doughy and as seen above, covered in ingredients.  I appreciated the fact that it wasn't super cheesy, although I do love me some cheesy pizza, since it is breakfast and people don't need to be in a food coma just quite yet.  Overall it was pretty yum, especially with the bacon and its just-the-right-amount of fattiness.

A really great experience in total, especially with super friendly staff and quick service.  The bustling atmosphere gives off a really good vibe and it's nice to see all sorts of people coming in - families, couples, friends etc.  Definitely coming back here again.  

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