Wednesday, September 4, 2013

zest gallery cafe.

Taking advantage of the warm start to spring, a friend and I headed down to Glenelg a few days ago for some summer (spring) lovin' and a good catchup meal.  I'm not very familiar with the eateries down in Glenelg but Zest's menu looked promising for a sunny day lunch.  They also do breakfast and offer a variety of cakes and other sweets for a morning or afternoon coffee break.

Quite the chic little cafe, Zest is situated on a small street just off Jetty Road and not hard to miss with a large sign above it's doors.  The cafe is opened up so both inside and outside diners have plenty of sun shining in.

The 'Hottie': spinach, basil & pecorino risotto cake with chorizo sausage & salsa ($13.50)
A risotto cake sounded a bit 'out-there' so naturally I was inclined to order it.  Shaped into a wedge, the cake was pretty solid and hard on the outside.  It also lacked any distinct flavour despite there being a lot of spinach and basil infused through it and wasn't particularly enjoyable.  The tanginess of the salsa overwhelmed it and the chorizo sausage, though yummy, was a bit mismatched.

Rare Beef & Avocado Salad: beef, avocado, roasted almonds, spanish onion, tomato & greens ($14.50)
This looked simply amazing.  Salads can be so boring sometimes but this one was clearly not that.  Everything was fresh but was apparently a bit vinegary.

Green Tea & Watermelon Juice
The waiters were very lovely and friendly when we ordered and paid, and the drinks and salad were delicious so it's a shame I didn't really enjoy my risotto cake.  If I do come back, I want to try other items from their breakfast menu.  Their lunch menu is plentiful but the exciting menu options are on the breakfast list.

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  1. OMG I'm in love with the first photo - it's so colourful and vibrant! Shame about the risotto cake though :(

  2. I live in London, England, and whenever I visit my friend in Adelaide me eat breakfast here. Straightforward food done well. It's a small place and it's always busy. It may be my favourite place to start the day.

    1. Really? How does it compare to breakfasts in London? I imagine it would be a lot more sunnier down in Glenelg! :)