Wednesday, September 4, 2013

horner & pratt.

Attention everyone - this is your new favourite lunch place.  You may have walked past Horner & Pratt on East Terrace without even realising it was there but you have now been enlightened.

Inside decor is very retro, while the outdoor tables are quite funky in the sense that there are no two tables the same and the chairs look recycled but still comfortable.  On this occasion we opted for the outside tables.

Pulled Pork Wrap: $14
The wrap was SO good. SO delicious.  There are almost no words to describe it.  The bread was somehow crisp and soft and doughy at the same time, soaking up all the mayonnaise and oils from the insides.  The coleslaw added a great refreshing crunch to the pork, which was soft, tender and so juicy.

The salads were also really fresh and provided a good balance to the oiliness of the pulled pork.  So many vibrant colours, flavours and contrasting textures made it a pleasure to eat something so healthy.

B.T.T: $14
Who can say no to haloumi, bacon and mayonnaise all put together? The buttered Turkish bread was toasted inside but soft on the outside so it was easy to bite through.  The bacon was cooked crispy and had a lovely salty flavour to it while the tabouleh and tomato cut through the slight greasiness of the fried haloumi and bacon.  Amazing sandwich.  That is all.

Fresh Juices: $6.50 each
Everything was spot on - counter service was friendly and serving time was quick, food was absolutely smashing and the juices were reasonably sized and really fresh.  They may not have a huge menu to choose from, but what they do have is simply amazing and I'm kicking myself for not having come here earlier.  I love this place.  Is it obvious?

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