Wednesday, September 25, 2013

fooding through the usa & canada.

Hello hello! As some of you may know, I recently went on a bit of a holiday to America and Canada.  Whilst there I caught up with a few friends, did some sight-seeing and ate a lot of delicious food.  Since there's too much to post up, I've chosen a few of my favourite meals throughout the two weeks to share with you.

San Francisco

Pronounced 'chee-polt-lay', this Mexican chain blows Zambreros and Arriba Grill out of the water.  Their beef chunks were so juicy and flavoursome it felt like I was eating a real steak but for a quarter of the price.  Mixed in with fresh cheese, tomato salsa, cilantro-lime rice and sour cream.....I have cravings for this.

Fog Harbour Fish House
One of the recommended places to eat at Pier 39.  It was here that I had my very first clam chowder - slightly thick, creamy and flavoured with ham and potatoes - and fell in love.

The seafood was also amazing.  At approximately $50 for the whole dish, we were bowled over by the variety and quality.  The sauce was really the clincher.  We kept going back and dipping everything we could into the garlic buttery goodness.

Fog Harbor Fish House on Urbanspoon

If you go to California, you can't not have In-N-Out.  The burgers were not as greasy as I thought they would be with the fresh vegetables cutting through and the melted cheese patty really hit the spot.


Mmmmm...donuts.  Fresh and soft, this maple donut was simple but yum.

Dahlia Lounge
I wish I had better photos to show you, but it was dark inside and I had to use my flash.  The 'peking' duck didn't taste much like the Chinese Peking duck, but nonetheless was tender and really juicy.  The roasted eggplants were crispy and sweet and tasted amazing just by themselves.

This was the mocha hazelnut tart, served with vanilla icecream and candied hazelnuts.  I only had a few bits of this decadent dessert but it was seriously delish.  The nutty tart melted in the mouth and there was only a hint of coffee, which is how I like it.

Dahlia Lounge on Urbanspoon

Famous for their plentiful sizing and unique hammer dining experience, the Crabpot did not disappoint.  We ordered a 2-person serving for five people, along with a serve of clam chowder, and we couldn't finish it!  The snow crab was my favourite along with the sweet corn (dipped in butter) and the spicy sausages.


Crab Pot Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon

Funnel Cake
Found only in Wonderland, Canada's largest theme park, funnel cake is made up of deep-fried dough, soft serve ice-cream and your choice of topping.  The dough is reeeally good because it's fresh out of the deep-fryer and the icecream just makes everything go down smoother.  If you ever go to Wonderland, you must eat this.

Here we had a variety of dishes, my favourite being the shawarma.  Similar to yiros, the shawarma is cut into smaller pieces and has a slightly different flavour.  The hummus dip and chips from this restaurant was also extremely good.

Oregano, by Cirrilio
A little Italian place on the outskirts of Toronto,  Oregano had some of the best food we had eaten the whole trip.  A special mention goes to the meatballs which were so soft and melt-y, but still had so much flavour.

Poutine is an actual food - chips, gravy and cheese curds mixed together.  There are a lot of different types of poutine in Canada, but the best one I had was the bacon poutine from Harveys.  Bacon just makes everything better.

Home Food

We were also fortunate enough to be invited to people's home for dinner, where we had a feast of foods.

A Korean friend of mine took it upon herself to cook up a feast for my family and I and it was all simply delicious.  My favourite dish was the kimchi pancakes and the bulgogi (far right corner).  

Another friend, this time in Canada, cooked up a Southern American style storm which included authentic pulled pork (so juicy and soft), fresh sweet corn and various other dishes.  My absolute favourite was the beetroot macaroni salad.  They mixed fresh beetroot, creamy mayonnaise and macaroni together and it was just so good.

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