Monday, September 2, 2013

the coffee barun.

Seeing as my dad is huge fan of coffee, The Coffee Barun sounded like a pretty good spot for a Father's Day breakfast.  I don't know the first thing about coffee, except that it makes me hyper, but other reviewers named it as one of the best coffee places in Adelaide so off we went into Barun land.

Coffee Duo: $6

The inside is light and airy, with self-serviced water and lots of coffee related decorations.  Seating is plentiful and table sizes vary from the lone eater to a huge sharing table made entirely from one block of wood.  It really is quite fascinating.

French Toast with bananas, bacon & maple syrup: $15.50
This was on the Specials menu so it immediately piqued my curiosity.  The addition of bacon, bananas and maple syrup to warm toast had my mouth watering and I couldn't really resist not trying it out.  I loved loved loved the mixing of bacon and maple syrup - fatty, salty bacon with sweet syrup is amazing.  The ciabatta toast was a bit strange - the insides were soft and eggy and just how I like my French toast but the hard crusts were off-putting.  The bananas were also kind of just plonked there and didn't do much in terms of ...anything, really.

Tomato & Cheese Omelette: $11.50
 Although it may be a humble omelette, it was a very delicious omelette.  Soft, melted cheese in the middle and buttery and crunchy on the outside, the omelette smelt and tasted great.

Eggs Royale: poached eggs, smoked salmon, spinach & hollandaise sauce on toasted ciabatta (18.50)
May we take a moment to admire the salmon rose.

Okay, moving on.  In terms of taste, everything was done well.  The eggs were well poached (soft whites and runny yolks), the hollandaise sauce was the perfect consistency, the spinach was also cooked well and the smoked salmon was tasty.  It just lacked an extra 'something'.

All in all it was a pretty regular breakfast, nothing special.  Service was really friendly at the counter and the staff has obviously built up relationships with some regulars, which is always nice to see.  The presentation was lovely but the flavours need something extra to make it crave-worthy.

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