Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Strange name? Clearly.  Dead insect wall displays?  Mmmhm.  Delicious, fresh and healthy food? Tick, check and ding!  Sad:cafe initially lured me in by the name and it's cool vintage design but their menu was really the clincher.  

There's a fairly wide selection of breakfast and lunch foods on offer and their drink selection isn't too conservative either.  Breakfast foods include museli, bagels and toast while lunch foods are more towards sandwiches and flatbreads.

Mushroom Sliders: grilled mushrooms with chilli & cheese  melt, lettuce and avocado & fetta mash ($11.00)
These were really cute.  Small enough to hold with just one hand, the bread was soft and the mushrooms simply oozed with spicy cheese.  The avocado mash didn't have much of a flavour despite the fetta, but it did serve as good alternative to butter.

Avocado & Pear Chutney on a Pumpkin Bagel: $6.50
For some reason when I was deciding on getting the sliders, I completely forgot that 'sliders' are actually mini burgers and have bread.  Thus I also ordered a bagel in fear of not being full.  Despite me being pretty satisfied after the sliders, the bagel looked so inviting that I finished it off anyway.

The chutney was ....interesting - kind of spicy, sweet and a little bit sour at the same time.  I haven't really eaten a lot of fruit preserves to say much except that it was yum and tasted good with the fresh avocadoes.

Flatbread with smoked salmon, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, tzatziki & chives: $9.50
This looked incredibly healthy but delicious at the same time.  The cherry tomatoes really popped out in terms of presentation and my friend seemed to enjoy it.

With so many funky vintage cafes popping up around Adelaide, sad:cafe has stood it's ground with fresh, simple and tasty food.  It might not be cheap but it's not too pricey either for a casual lunch or a coffee with friends.   It is kind of a small place hiding away in Ebenezer Place so groups of four would be a maximum per table.

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