Saturday, July 27, 2013


CRONUTS.  Need I say more?

Clearly, yes, for those who aren't familiar with the newest pastry craze. Cross between a croissant and a donut - croissant pastry cooked in a donut shape - and sounding like the name of a country's currency, the cronut started in New York and has spread rapidly across the world.

I was so excited when I saw Milkaholic posting up that they would be serving these, and even more anxious to try it out when another friend bought some cronuts from another bakery .  Soon enough an opportunity presented itself in the form of a friend's birthday, and to my delight, he chose Milkaholic.

Nutella & Chocolate Kronut: $12
There were three choices of toppings - vanilla, strawberry and chocolate - and seeing as that night was cold and rainy, chocolate was the way to go.  Crunchy goodness from the outer layer and soft, buttery pastry inside, drizzled with chocolate and nutella sauce and topped with pistachios and chocolate ice-cream - there isn't much better for a winter's night.  But! The oiliness from the cronut skin and the amount of sugar which is used on this dish definitely means it's a sometimes food only. 

Italian Hazelnut Hot Chocolate: 4.20
Washing down the cronut was this intensely flavoured hot chocolate.  The hazelnut flavour was super strong and the smooth, rich, velvety liquid was simply delicious.  So many flavoured hot chocolates are weak and taste like watered chocolate, but this was definitely not one of those.  It was also a fairly decent size for the price and kept me very warm.

I've always been a little bit iffy about Milkaholic, mainly due to bad experiences, but this visit has changed my mind.  Their menu still needs something which is extraordinary but their drinks list is extensive and fabulous.  The atmosphere is lovely with candles and scattered lights, although the back area is way too dark.  The table candles were useless and we had to resort to using our phones as lights in order to read the menus. Service is pretty friendly and they do split bills, which is always a bonus.

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