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I feel like I'm renouncing a bit of my Australian-ness as I say this, but I do not exactly delight in finding a great pie store.  I'm just not really a pie person, you know? But exceptions must be made for Butterfingers especially since they've been touted as the best pie store in Adelaide.  A sunny day lured myself and another out to try this apparently amazing place and we were definitely not disappointed.  It's a little hidden away by next-door Cibo's overreaching outdoor seating but you'll find it next to Chocolate Taperia and opposite the Lion Hotel.

If you're like me and not a pie-lover, feel safe in knowing that they have a large breakfast and lunch selection including waffles, salads, museli and a range of delicious drinks.  Wooden boards and and a slight hint of the outback make up the interiors while there are plenty of outdoor seats available.

N-doo-ya-wanna? : $15.00

The name comes from Ndjua, a (super) spicy Italian sausage which is mixed together with white bean puree, parmesan cheese and poached eggs.  I'm not kidding when I said it's super spicy - I like to think of myself as a relatively well-experienced chilli eater and it was pretty hot for me.  The white bean puree was deliciously grainy and creamy with excellent seasoning and a dash of olive oil.  The eggs were perfectly poached (look at that yolk) and everything was mopped up with the crunchy ciabatta.

Waffles: caramelised banana, peanut butter ice-cream, salted peanut butter sand & chocolate ganache ($14.00)
Oh myyyyy.  This was every bit as good as it looks.  A huge scoop of peanut butter icecream which was soo peanut buttery and creamy on top of a medium-sized waffle.  The caramelised banana and chocolate ganache went surprisingly well together, although I initially thought the banana was peanut butter sauce and was a bit taken aback when I tasted it.  Loved this.

Duck, chestnut & pancetta pie
You can't go to a place where everyone's like "Their pies are the best" and not try a pie.  It just doesn't work that way.  So we ordered their famous duck, chestnut and pancetta pie and within seconds immediately regretted not ordering another one.  The pie pastry is simply superb - buttery, flaky and really well made - and the filling was rich and so full of flavour.  I couldn't taste the chestnut, which was a good thing for me, and the duck meat was so soft and tender.

Nutella Mocha
I was tossing up between the hot Nutella and Nutella mocha and went with the latter, but there wasn't enough Nutella in it for me.  It tasted more like an ordinary mocha.

I left Butterfingers thoroughly impressed and eager to come back.  Service was quite decent and the counterstaff was happy to help me with my questions - e.g. 'Is your peanut butter icecream homemade?' - and convinced me to try the waffles.  Food came out in excellent timing and the overall vibe was really chilled and easy-going.

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