Tuesday, October 8, 2013

eggless: october '13.

A few friends of mine had never been to Eggless.  Never.  Been.  To.  Eggless.  So we went there.  I know I haven't written about Eggless on here before so long story short: all the desserts are made without eggs (they do savoury, gluten-free and vegan too), it celebrated it's 4th birthday a few days ago, they change their menu every month and it is always packed.  Always packed.

When we arrived at around 8:40, the waiting line was standard - approximately 40 minutes for a group of four (which ended up as three) - but the owners were thoughtful enough to provide an outdoor heating lamp and blankets to weather the cold.

Green Tea & Lychee Creme Brulee: $9
After a very long to-ing and fro-ing over the October menu items, both my friends decided on the creme brulee.  The green tea brulee was super creamy and decadent, topped with three large lychees (probably canned?).  The torched sugar crust was perfectly golden and crunchy adding a sweet touch to the creme brulee.  

Pandan & Coconut Custard Cake with Mango Sorbet: $9.50
Also after a very long deliberation between the dessert nachos and molten chocolate pudding, I chose the pandan custard cake.  Yes, I know it wasn't one of the two.  The pandan sponge cake was covered by a pandan and coconut custard, both of which I didn't really enjoy.  The custard was more like jelly  - firm and shiny - while the sponge cake was cold and dry.  I ended up using the sorbet to moisten the cake because it was just too dry.

Speaking of which, the mango sorbet was a whole different world away from the dry cake.  It was tangy.  It was sweet.  It was very mango-y.   It was delicious.

Teh Tarik (hot): $4.50
You can't come to Eggless and not try the Malaysian milk tea.  Sweeter than the English counterpart due to the addition of condensed milk, it isn't too sweet that it becomes a dessert in itself.

As always, service was very efficient and friendly.  The food came out promptly and the owner is always a laugh when you go up to the pay the bill.  I've found that it's generally hit-or-miss with their desserts, the pandan cake being an example of a miss while the creme brulee was a hit.   Having said that, since the menu changes every month, it's worth going in to see what new desserts they've come up with.

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