Friday, August 16, 2013

united latino cocina.

When you're completely packed during a lunchtime despite being hidden away in some alleyway, you know you're onto a good thing.  ULC may have only been open for a few months but it has drawn in huge crowds with it's fresh food and exciting menu options.

It took a while for us to choose what to eat and even then my friend ended up choosing something else at the counter after seeing the food coming out from the kitchen.  Everything just looked so good!  I ended up ordering two small dishes while my friend ordered the hotdog.

Fish Taco: $6.90
Although I'm not a huge fan of fish, this impressed me.  Warm, spicy crunch from the battered fish mixed in with juicy oranges, tangy salsa and creamy coleslaw made it seriously delectable.  Your hands are the best option for wrapping everything up in the soft corn tortilla and eating it in huge bites.

Empanadas: $8.90
The empanadas came out looking all puffy and golden, and by the time I got around to them they were still warm and crunchy.

Inside was a mixture of chicken, potatoes, corn, onions and spices.  The fillings tasted so homey and comforting and I would gladly eat ten of these by themselves. 

ULC Dog: $11.90
Grilled chorizo sausage in a jalapeno bun with black bean mash, creamy jalapeno slaw, salsa, lettuce, crispy red onions & dry cheese is the description, and it looked even better in real life.  I was so tempted to order this one for myself when I saw it come out from the kitchen because it just looked amazing. It's not for those who can't take chili or spicy food.  My friend, a fairly competent eater of chili, found that the spicy chorizo and jalapenos kept her quite warm as she made her way through despite it being a relatively cool day. 

And the drinks! They have quite a range of soft drink options which aren't your standard Coke or Sprite which originate from the exotics such as Mexico and Brazil.  They also do beers, wines and the normal coffees and teas so non-fizzy drinkers need not fear.

Service was pretty quick despite the full house, and counter staff were very friendly.  Since I had such a hard time choosing this time round, a return trip is in order to sample more of their yummy food.

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