Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Being a foodie, I love trying out new places and seeing what's on offer in the cuisine world.  I also love coming back to (and introducing to friends) places where I've had a great experience.  Nano is one such place.  Serving breakfast and lunch, it's located opposite the Belgian Beer Cafe which is next to Ebenezer Place.  They have amazing food which is reasonably priced and even though it's always busy, service is quick and efficient.

Pizza Funghi: $5.90

My friend and I shared a slice of mushroom pizza, which was seriously delicious.  If ever in doubt about what to choose, get the pizza.  The base is crunchy, not too thick and lightly covered in tomato sauce while the toppings are kept simple which allow the main ingredients to really dominate.  The mushrooms were really fresh and I loved the oiliness of the cheese.

Linguine Arrabbiata: $14.50
On first glance the linguine looked like it was going to be soggy, but it was surprisingly al dente and tasted great.  The sauce was also super delicious - garlic, tomatoes, olives, bacon, chilli pieces and cheese are a great combination for a winter's afternoon.  It may not look like it but that bowl of pasta is pretty big and will definitely be enough for a lunch.  

Chicken Salad: $8,80
I didn't try the salad but it looked really fresh and inviting.  My friend said it was pretty good but there may have been a bit too much spinach.  Oh well.

Also deserving a special mention is the home-made bread which comes with the pasta.   I should have taken a photo of the inside since that's where the real magic is, but trust me, this was good bread.  It was dense and slightly doughy (but didn't taste like flour) and served hot out of the oven.  This may be a bit of a carb overload for some people, but I love carbs.  They are my friends.

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