Wednesday, June 19, 2013

sneaky pickle.

Finally! I have been wanting to try the Sneaky Pickle for ages after seeing rave reviews come in from left, right and centre.  The food truck has been around for quite some time already but I've never managed to be within the vicinity of where it parks.   Luckily for me this changed and I was finally able to sample the legend that is the Sneaky Pickle.

Southern Style Chicken: deep-fried chicken breast, coleslaw & pickles ($9)
The burger was so big that it was a struggle to take the first bite.  I ended up having to take apart the chicken  (since the piece was folded over) and that helped a bit.  The coleslaw was a little lacking in flavour.  I don't think the mayonnaise they used for it was strong enough to overpower the taste of the raw cabbage so it tasted a bit weird.  The chicken was deep-fried to perfection.  The outside was deliciously golden  with a taste of secret spices while the inside meat was juicy.  I personally prefer chicken thigh over chicken breast, and therefore found the chicken to be a bit dry, but for those who like the breast it will be amazing.  There were also a few pickles at the bottom of the burger, but I didn't feel like they added much.  They were just kind of ...there.

Onion Rings (comes with burger)
I loved these onion rings.  They were thick and crisp and were cooked perfectly. So delicious.    They tasted even better with the ranch dressing given on the side.

Fried Pickles: $5
How can an experience at the Sneaky Pickle be complete without trying their deep-fried pickles?  The pickles are cut into slices and then deep-fried in the same batter used with the onion rings.  I personally found the batter to be a bit too thick for something as small as the pickle and would have preferred a lighter batter , but nevertheless these were also delicious.  The pickles are super hot inside so do be careful when eating.

Does Sneaky Pickle live up to it's reputation? I'm still undecided.  While I enjoyed all the food I ordered, I think I'll have to try the rest of it's menu to see how I feel.  I've heard good things about the Mac and Cheese Fingers and was so sad that they didn't have the Philly Cheese Steak Sub on the day I went, so I'm definitely coming back later.

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