Monday, June 17, 2013

waffle's waffles & coffee.

Mmmmmmmm.  Wafffffffles.  Waffle's Waffles & Coffee is small little shop tucked away in Leigh Street, opposite Koreajung and Ajisen Ramen.  It normally has a pretty big sign outside the little eatery so it's not too hard to miss, especially since the sign is covered with all different kinds of waffles and different toppings. How delicious.

A friend and I came to Waffle's after lunch one afternoon because we were craving something sweet.  Both of us had been here before but not for a long time, and I'm happy to say that not much has changed.  The waffles are still delicious and the prices are still the same!

Half Combination Belgium Waffles: 1/4 with icecream, 1/4 with cream, bananas, strawberries and chocolate sauce (8.60)
I couldn't choose between ice-cream and cream, so I got both!  Besides, you don't eat dessert to be healthy. The waffles came out hot and toasty and with huge portions of cream and ice-cream.  Sometimes waffles can get soggy after a while (or even before you start eating) but the waffles stayed crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  The chocolate sauce and accompanying fruit was also delicious and luckily it wasn't too sweet for me to devour the whole dish.

Half Ice-cream Belgium Waffle: $6.90

Another lovely thing about Waffles is that it has a really cosy interior design.  The walls are painted bright orange and maroon (not pictured) with cute, hand-drawn-like pictures along the walls.  The staff are also friendly, but leave diners alone for most of the time.

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