Monday, June 24, 2013

fork on the road.

Last Saturday a friend and I went to Fork on the Road, a monthly gathering of Adelaide's food trucks, vans, bikes and stalls.  It was held at Rymill Park and although the weather started off a bit dreary, the sun eventually came out and made for a pleasant afternoon.

There were so many food trucks and stalls to choose from.  We walked around and checked out what each eatery was offering and then, with great difficulty, chose a few places to buy from.

Chicken & Chorizo Paella: $10
The first dish we tried was the chicken and chorizo paella from Taste of Spain.  This was deliciously flavoursome and had huge chunks of tender chicken and spicy chorizo scattered among the dish.  The bomba rice was very distinct and slightly chewy.  I loved the sauce they used - it had a strong tomato and onion flavour.  Overall the paella tasted amazing, especially when it was fresh and hot and it really hit the spot for a cold afternoon.

Mushroom & Haloumi Burger: $10
The next item we tried was the mushroom and haloumi burger from Veggie Velo.   In one word: amazing.  The mushrooms were cooked until they were soft and juicy and the haloumi cheese provided the perfect salty balance to the sweet onion jam which was spread on the rye bread. There was also beetroot, alfafa sprouts, grated carrots and a mixed lettuce salad packed into the burger as well.  This was definitely my favourite meal out of all the other dishes we tried with it's generous sizing and incredibly fresh ingredients. Vegetables have never tasted so good and I also felt really clean and healthy after eating it.  I highly recommend you try it out.  
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Mac & Cheese Fingers: $6
After such a healthy option we decided to go for the mac and cheese fingers from Sneaky Pickle - 'fingers' made from mac and cheese, deep-fried and served with cheese sauce and a tomato, onion and pickle salad.

These rendered my friend speechless after her first bite.  I too was in awe after my first bite, but as I kept going I realised that they tasted kind of like a deep-fried cheeseburger without the patty.  That doesn't detract from their deliciousness though, and I also highly recommend these for your tasting.  My only complaint is that I wish the mac and cheese itself had a bit more flavour.  The pickles and onions did provide some punch to the taste but I was expecting the cheese to be really cheesy, and it wasn't.
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Veggie Arepa: $9
Our last 'main' for the afternoon was the veggie arepa from La Chiva, a South American food truck which has recently opened it's doors.  The arepa consisted of corn bread on the bottom and topped with grilled cheese, corn, capsicum and onion.  It also had a 'guasacaca' sauce and olive oil. This was pretty bland despite all the ingredients layered on top.  There just wasn't anything exciting which popped out especially and the corn bread tasted like corn thins but a warm and non-crunchy version.  My friend said it tasted like the 'smell of antique stores'.

Lemon Delight & Choc Mint: $3 each
And finally, dessert time! Although we were extremely full we managed to fit in these yummy cupcakes from Cupcakes Please.   There were a few other dessert stalls around the area but the cupcake man looked a bit lonely so we decided to go pay him a visit.  I chose the lemon delight while my friend was tempted by the choc mint cupcake.  The icing was done so beautifully but ended up being too sweet for me, so I had to take off most of it.  The cupcake itself was light and not too sweet and made for a delicious finish.
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