Friday, June 28, 2013

chocolate bean.

Oh Chocolate Bean, you bring back so many memories.  Chocolate Bean was one of the first dessert places to exist in Adelaide, not only at night-time but also during the day as well which makes it a great spot for afternoon sweets.

A friend and I came after lunch one day and after a long look at the extensive menu, we decided to order a drink each and share two pieces of cake.  It was a difficult decision when deciding whether to order a drink or not, as their cakes (and the rest of their chocolate menu) can be extremely sweet and rich.  But, you know.  May as well.

Hazelnut Praline: $6
The praline was decadent and very sweet, kind of like eating thick hazelnut mousse with a biscuit base.  I almost couldn't finish it off because of it's richness but made it through to the end.  It's a pretty reasonable size for the price and any bigger would have meant a waste of delicious cake.

Fudge Pecan Pie
I enjoyed this cake a lot more than the praline because it had a lot more elements to it, and therefore wasn't as rich as just eating thick mousse.  I particularly liked the pecan and chocolate fudge combination.

Rose White Chocolate Icy: $6.20
Mmm, this was delicious.  The rose flavouring was really strong and cut through the sweetness of the white chocolate.  In fact it felt slightly cleansing and helped to balance out the richness of the hazelnut praline.  It came with a large amount of thick cream dusted with chocolate powder which is always welcome.

White Chocolate Tea: $4.50
This was incredibly large - the mug was almost as big as my friend's face.  My friend commented that it didn't have much flavour but realised she should have tasted it before eating the cake.  I didn't get to try it, unfortunately.

It's always worth coming into Chocolate Bean if you're a chocolate lover. There are so many options and their while 'light food' options are anything but light, they will definitely be perfect for chocoholics.

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