Saturday, May 25, 2013

lucia's pizza and spaghetti bar.

For the past few weeks I've been a bit stressed out due to the most marvelous invention of examinations and studying and have been raiding my fridge for random foods, none of which were really delicious.  Luckily they are now all over and it's back to the delicious bliss of trying out new foods out and about.

A Saturday morning calls for a trip to the Central Market and what better than to have breakfast with friends in a local shop and watch the busy shoppers hurry by with their arms laden with groceries.  My friend recommended Lucias after having gone there on countless occasions when her family came to visit her.  It's located right near the front opening of the Market towards the right, and very easy to spot thanks to the bustling amount of people coming in and out.

We were lucky to find a table for two outside just as the waiter was cleaning up the finished dishes from the previous customer.  Since the two of us were 'sooo hungry', it wasn't long before we both decided to order the Full Breakfast.  I made a slight adjustment to mine and swapped the tomatoes for sausages instead since I'm not the biggest fan of cooked tomatoes.  Don't get me wrong, they're delicious and all, but only on pizza for me please.

Full Breakfast: eggs (fried), mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon, two slices of bread ($11.50)

Full Breakfast: eggs (scrambled), mushrooms, sausages, bacon, two slices of bread ($11.50)
 The amount of food given for the price definitely puts this place in my delicious books.  Two items particularly stood out for me: the eggs and the mushrooms.  I chose the scrambled eggs to see how they would cook them and I was not disappointed.  They were light and creamy and most importantly, not dry.  They tasted amazing combined with the buttered bread, which was slightly toasted but soft at the same time. For the record, I am a mushroom lover.  Yes.  I love the 'shrooms.  These were packed with that mushroom-y flavour whilst not overpowering.  According to my friend they're bought from the mushroom shop opposite Lucias which guarantees their freshness.

(L-R): Hot Chocolate, Small Iced Coffee
We also ordered drinks to go with, as is customary, and mine was the chocolate.  I don't think I've had a better hot chocolate anywhere else.  It tasted like they had mixed two types of chocolate together - dark and milk - although I'm sure they have their own special chocolate somewhere.  It was rich but not overwhelming, and had no watery taste at all.  The foam was also amazing.  Underneath the milk foam was a layer of chocolate foam! Never in my life.

For such a busy place I was pleasantly surprised at the speed at which the food came out.  Both food and drinks came out within 10 minutes of ordering, and were also cleared quite quickly after finishing.  The counter service was friendly and had a warm antique atmosphere going on inside the actual shop.  

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