Thursday, May 30, 2013

bocelli caffe ristorante.

Wednesday night has recently turned into date night with my grandma.  Yeah.  I'm cool like that.  We've been to Bocelli's quite a number of times with the rest of the family and have always enjoyed their food.  She requested to come here a few days ago because she wanted to have their pizza again and, since I've been craving pizza myself, couldn't say no to her proposition.

Grandma and I are pretty big eaters so we decided to go for a medium-sized salmon pizza and a main serving of the spaghetti marinara to share between the two of us.  Evidently, grandma enjoys her seafood.

Salmone Pizza: $19.00
I've had the salmon pizza pretty much every time I've been to Bocelli's and although the sizes haven't changed, the flavour and the presentation have not always been consistent.  This time the pizza was too salty for both my and my grandma's tastes.  Most of the saltiness came from the smoked salmon which is strange. I understand that smoked anything should have some sort of saltiness to it but this was just really salty.  Luckily it was slightly balanced out by the sour cream, pesto and tomato sauce.  The base of the pizza was a thin, doughy but crunchy combination which was quite nice.  I could barely taste the cheese or Spanish onion, which might be better for some people, but I prefer my pizzas to be laden with cheese.  Just a personal preference. 

Spaghetti Marinara: $25.90
I think I was expecting more from the marinara, which made it seem kind of disappointing despite it actually not tasting too bad.  There was quite a bit of seafood in there - mussels, prawns, fish and squid - so it wasn't a lack of quantity, and the sauce adhered to the menu's description of being a 'light tomato and olive sauce' so I knew I wasn't expecting a thick, heavy tomato sauce.   It may have been the pasta.  The spaghetti was slightly overcooked and didn't taste like it had been tossed together with the sauce and ingredients for long. Overall it was just a bit underwhelming in terms of taste and presentation.

In terms of service, I don't think you can expect too much from a place which requires you to order at the counter and then wait while your food is being cooked.  The person at the counter was more friendlier than the person who brought out our food.  The latter didn't look at us when placing the bread on our table despite saying a "Hihowareyoutoday", which you know, doesn't really add to the experience.  What Bocelli's did have was a pleasant buzz of conversation which filled the air despite it being a Wednesday night.  I don't think I'll be coming back here in a hurry after this time's experience.  There are plenty more places in Adelaide which do similar food and do it much better.
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