Sunday, May 5, 2013


Adelaide seems to have gone through a burger craze over the past year and from what I have read and heard, Burgastronomy is one of the best burger places around town.  Two friends and I decided to try it out one Saturday afternoon, and we were definitely not disappointed.  I ordered the Signature burger and a side of the sweet potato fries.  My friends ordered the Trucker burger and the Free Bird burger with sweet potato fries and potato fries respectively.

 Burgers first.

Signature burger (beef, lettuce, cheese, pickles, ketchup & mayonnaise): $11
The beef patty was so good.  It was soft, juicy, slightly fatty and hit the spot where a burger should hit.  The bun was pretty good.  It's not the Breadtop bread which a lot of burger places have been using, and for that, I was thankful.  I mean, if I wanted Breadtop bread then I would just go Breadtop and buy it for a lot cheaper.  The pickles were quite large.  This was perfectly fine with me because I like pickles, but they could be a bit deterring for the pickle non-lovers.  The size of the burger was a standard burger size, not small but not really big either.

Trucker burger (beef, lettuce, bacon, egg, caramelised onion, ketchup and mayonnaise): $13

Free Bird (southern fried chicken, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise): $11
 I didn't try the above two burgers, but they earned immediate approval from their owners.  The Free Bird fried chicken looked so good.  It wasn't really oily and you could see the crunchy bits on the outer of the chicken.

Now come the sides.

Potato fries and Sweet Potato fries: $5 each ($3 if ordered with burgers)

The sweet potato fries were amazing.  I've had the McCain's sweet potato fries before and I had really enjoyed those despite baking them instead of deep-frying.  These sweet potato fries had a slightly earthy, burnt taste to it which actually turned out to work well with the sweet, soft inner part of the chip.  They were also slightly chewy, but not in a bad way.  When dipped in the mayonnaise (the container next to the burgers), they tasted even better.

Pear Cider: $13
 We also ordered a bottle of pear cider to share between the three of us.  Well, two of us had most of it and the other friend, being a responsible driver, had a few sips and stuck to his apple juice.  I've found with most ciders I've tried that the fruit flavour doesn't really come out, and this one was the same.  I could definitely taste the sweetness of the drink, but it took a while for the actual pear flavour to come out.

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