Sunday, April 27, 2014

lucky lupitas.

Being quite a fan of its sister shop ULC, it was high time to venture down south to the original Mexican shop that got everyone talking: Lucky Lupitas.  Situated between a cluster of other little restaurants just down from Flinders Hospital, it's easy to miss it completely.  Luckily the blasting sound of Mexican music should be enough to signal that there is indeed something wonderfully Mexxy going on inside.

Not exactly the same menu as ULC, but the ULC Dog and appetizers do ring a bell.  Loved the sound of all their burger options but unfortunately two stomachs can only fit in so much.

Queso Fundido (spicy cheese dip) with Seasoned Corn Crisps: $12.90
The spicy cheese dip was creamy and spicily satisfying but probably needed a bit more cheese to it.  The corn crisps need a lot less seasoning on them.  Eating them plain was almost impossible since they were incredibly salty and mildly spicy at the same time.

Lupe Hamburger: $15.90
Mmm, a juicy beef pattie with loads of lettuce, salsa and the same spicy cheese sauce from above.  It has jalapenos inside as well but do not fear! Cannot-eat-hot-stuff people can still order this since there's not much of a hot factor.  The crinkle chips were seasoned with the same seasoning as the corn crisps, but thankfully not as heavily, and tasted really good with the mustard.

Quesadilla de Hongo y Frijoles: $14.90
I've always thought quesadillas wouldn't be very filling, hence I've never ordered them, but I was wrong.  Two huge triangles stuffed with mushrooms, spinach, pinto beans and onions are definitely enough, especially when you have sour cream and fresh salsa to top it all off.  The grilled mushrooms had a deliciously earthy flavour to them and made for an interesting combination with the beans.

Oh Lucky Lupitas why are you so far away? I think I prefer the menu here than the one at ULC's, mainly because I quite like having appetizer options instead of just corn or corn crips with salsa.  Having said that though, I definitely prefer the atmosphere at ULC.  The music at Lucky Lupitas was incredibly distracting and loud, making it hard to hold a conversation without raising our voices.

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