Monday, April 7, 2014

bar 9.

Bit of Bar 9 to start the day?  Don't mind if I do.  It's been a long time coming, but last week I finally managed to get my bum down to the ever-popular breakfast place for a quick brunch with my parents.  It was a Wednesday afternoon but was still plenty bustling with the sounds of people chatting, coffee machines grinding and Michael Buble in the background.

Blue Swimmer Crab: green curry scrambled eggs with Asian greens & chilli ($17.00)
This was a lot chillier than I expected.  My poor dad, who is a chilli novice at best, took one bite and tears, yes tears, almost came out.  Morale of the story - don't order this unless you can handle a hot curry.  I, on the other hand, quite like my spices so I found it easy on my palate.   The scrambled eggs were deliciously creamy while the chunky crab pieces soaked up all that curry goodness.  I did find the curry a bit too salty though.

Creamy Truffled Mushroom Ragu: with poached eggs on toast & truffle honey ($18.00)
All I hear about Bar 9 is the amazingness of their truffled mushroom ragu, so this was a must-order.  A mountain of truffled mushrooms in a not-so creamy sauce made their way to the table and I was ready to pounce.  Pounce I did, marveled I was not.  The mushrooms were definitely well-flavoured, but to the point where both I and my dad found them too salty to eat by themselves.  A stronger sweetness from the honey and creaminess from the ragu sauce was needed to balance out the heavy truffle, although the perfectly poached eggs did help in that regard.

Speck Meets Avocado: speck, avocado, caramelised onion & dark rye ($16.00)
This was lovely.  Smoked pork (speck), creamy avocado and sweet onions covered in parmesan shavings make for a delightful combination.  Everything kind of just melted in the mouth and barely required any chewing, save for the dark rye which served as a great base to it's toppings.

It's cool and funky and I wish I could have loved this place, but it was kind of disappointing after hearing such rave reviews.  Service was great though, really friendly and food came out promptly.  I hear this place is also good for coffee-lovers, so try it out if coffee is your thing.

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