Thursday, March 13, 2014

fooding through hong kong: two.

The second Hong Kong food post.  I promise you I'm not trying to make you any more hungry than I make myself when I look through my photos.  But as always, good food must be shared!

You cannot go to Hong Kong and not eat the local breakfasts.  Congee, 'zar lerng' (deep-fried dough wrapped in rice pastry), fried noodles and other types of deep-fried dough are all on the menu.  It's a bit tough if you don't read Chinese since most of the places don't do English menus, but if you go to the more foreigner-friendly suburbs aka Causeway Bay, Tsim Shat Tsui, Central, Admiralty etc. you'll be in better luck.  My favourite congee EVER is century egg congee.  Look it up, I dare you.

Buono Nuobo: squid ink lasagne & charcoal pizza
When you eat as much food as I do, it's always exciting to see something new on the menu.  Squid ink isn't really 'new' per se, but I've only had it in pasta before and not as shell (left picture).  It was really tasty and the lasagne wasn't your traditional bolognese sauce; it had vegetables and prawns instead.  The charcoal pizza was also delicious.  The base was crispy and flavoursome, not dry at all.  Toppings were fairly standard but worked pretty well with the charcoal base.

Wang Fu Dumplings: cold sesame sauce noodles & fried chives and pork dumplings

I was craving dumplings one time at work, so I looked up where a good dumpling place in Central was.  Turns out Wang Fu was the place to be, apparently.  The dumplings are Beijing-style and made fresh every day.  You can opt for fried or steamed, both of which I tried, but I prefer fried.  As usual.  The cold sesame sauce noodles were simply delicious.  Slightly nutty, but also with a hint of wasabi and garlic as well, they were perfect for the humid day.

Just A Restaurant: mango panna cotta, bread & butter pudding & creme brulee
Just A Restaurant is also in Central, and has a really romantic mood going on inside.  We came here for their desserts and were fairly impressed.  The creme brulee was huge, literally the width of it was the length of a normal fork.  The shell was torched well, crackling along as we ate, but the cream inside was kind of bland.

The best dessert out of the three was the mango panna cotta.  Rich, creamy, smooth and intensely mango-flavoured, I wish I could have had it all to myself.  The bread and butter pudding was accompanied by an walnut flavoured icecream.  I'm not huge on walnuts in icecream but it was interesting.

Teawood: deep-fried Taiwanese chicken
Like Coffee Alley, Teawood is another Taiwanese eatery that has set down in Causeway Bay.  This chicken was by far some of the best fried chicken I have ever tasted.  The batter was deliciously crunchy and flavoured with lightly battered chicken inside which melted in my mouth.

Taiwanese noodles
This came as a set with the chicken, and was incredibly flavoursome.

Strawberry & Blueberry Dessert Toast
The first picture of this post is what this looks like when it comes out.  Amazing.  The top is covered with blueberry icecream, whipped cream, mini marshmellows, strawberries and blueberries.  The bread is toasted to perfection so it's crunchy on the outside and meltingly soft on the inside. When you dip the cubes of bread into the icecream and cream, you have almost reached dessert heaven.

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