Thursday, March 13, 2014

fooding through hong kong: one.

So it's actually been a while since I finished my internship in Hong Kong.  I have made it back in one piece, although slightly heavier than when I departed. Hehehe...there was just way too much good food in Hong Kong for me to not try!  So much that I've had to split my fooding into another two posts, otherwise it would just be mega long.   

Cold Chilli Chicken Feet
Cold Chili Pork Ears
Before you scrunch up your nose in disgust, chicken feet and pork ears are common edibles in Hong Kong and some of my favourite dishes ever.  I can't remember the name of this place, but it's hidden at the back of Hau Fook Street in Tsim Sha Tsui where all the dessert places are.  The pork ears were definitely the winner between the two cold dishes - slippery, crunchy and heavily doused in sesame and chilli oil.

Caffe Habitu: The Italian Gem ($112 HKD) with Pu'er Tea Latte
Caffe Habitu has quite a few places around Hong Kong and serves all-day breakfasts and lunch.  This particular day I was eating by myself  (this happened fairly regularly...haha) and I felt like going for the Italian Gem - Eggs Benedict with prosciutto, black truffles and homefries.  The hollandaise sauce needed a lot more butter but the truffles compensated for the lack of richness.  It wasn't cheap by Hong Kong standards but it was a generous size.  I almost couldn't finish it off but luckily salad doesn't take up much room.

Hard Rock Cafe: onion rings, mac & cheese, mini burgers
Amazing onion rings.  Fairly good mac and cheese.  Great burger patties, but the bread was a bit too dry.  I wish we had one in Adelaide.

Nha Trang: prawn meatballs, soft-shell crab, beef brisket pho
There are a few Nha Trangs around Hong Kong, but I wouldn't call it a chain restaurant.  I actually had Nha Trang twice during my stay, but this food selection was from my first try.  The prawn meatballs were the most disappointing dish of the three.  The meat contained hardly any prawn meat and tasted like it had a lot of MSG and flour.  Besides the prawn meatballs, the other two dishes got rave reviews from me and my mum.  The crab was suuuper juicy and had so much meat in them, not too oily and nicely deep-fried.  The pho broth was clear and tasty, while the noodles were perfectly cooked.  My only complaint was that there wasn't enough beef brisket, but there is never enough beef brisket.

Coffee Alley: chocolate icecream & banana waffles
Coffee Alley is originally from Taiwan, but has one restaurant in Causeway Bay.  I think the signature item is their waffles, but they have a lot of other foods to choose from. See below!

Strawberry Mille-Feuille 

Iced Peach Jasmine Tea & Iced Fresh Fruit Tea, Smoked Chicken Toasted Pizza & Loin Cheese Croissant Sandwich

My favourite thing from here was definitely the toasted pizza and the fresh fruit tea.  The tea was filled with fresh fruits and had a real tang to it, while the pizza was comforting and cheesey.  The waffles were really thick and didn't taste like the waffles I'm used to.  The brown part is fairly crunchy while the bottom layers are firm and spongey.

Gei dan zai! Or some people prefer the term 'eggettes'.  Made from the same batter as waffles are, the eggettes are put in a different shaped pan so it comes out with little egg-shaped puffs.  Good eggettes should be crispy on the outside but filled with soft, chewy batter on the inside.  

P.S. For those wondering, there was an earlier post about HK fooding but being the clumsy idiot that I am, I accidentally deleted it and couldn't get it back.  

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