Friday, December 6, 2013

creperie bruxelle.

My first time trying poffertjes! Although we're supposed to be in summer, the cold rains and winds have been making an appearance every now and again, making it perfect weather to go warm up with some crepes and poffertjes at Creperie Bruxelle.  Home to the original poffertjes, the antiquatedly-decorated cafe can found on Henley Beach Road.

They have a mixture of desserts - crepes, sundaes, waffles & poffertjes - and also iced and warm drinks to complement.  It was tough choosing just one dessert so I ended up sharing two with another friend.

Banana Crepes: bananas, salted caramel sauce & vanilla ice-cream ($12.00)
The crepes were slightly toasted but still soft at the same time, which made it easy to fold and eat.  Sometimes you get really floppy crepes which end up really soggy, but these were great.  There were a lot of banana pieces and the caramel sauce was generously drizzled over the dish.  

Poffertjes: $8.50
And now for the main attraction! Having never tried poffertjes before, I was expecting something like small pancakes.  Not too far off, the poffertjes were soft and fluffy with a bit more 'fluff' in them than regular pancakes.  You get to choose your combination of toppings - butter, rum butter, vanilla cream, lemon slice and two types of syrup - and they're dusted off with a LOT of icing sugar.  They were fairly delicious, especially with the addition of the toppings.  The vanilla cream is amazing.

Service was particularly friendly - I think it's a family/friend business so they're all quite familiar with each other.  They made a few mistakes on our order regarding the poffertjes toppings but other than that, everything was spot on, which was understandable given that we had a very large group ordering individual items.

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