Wednesday, November 27, 2013

mylk bar.

Another day, another American restaurant popping up somewhere.  Mylk Bar is on Flinders Street, right between the Laksa House and Insieme.  A good location for after-work tapas or a lunch during office hours, it has a funky but laid-back atmosphere going on with a huge wall of drinks and very open seating. 

Inside is nice and cool, with an inner and outer seating area.  The inner seats have couches and a more formal atmosphere while the outer feels like a diner.  Lunch options are fairly varied with a separate sides menu including mac & cheese, onion rings, chips & gravy etc.

Chicken Schnitzel with mushroom sauce & gravy: $14.90
A decent-sized piece of chicken with golden crumbing - the schnitzel looked pretty good.  This wasn't my dish so I don't know whether the meat was dry or not, but it looked to be quite juicy.  The salad was apparently drenched in oily dressing. 

Onion Rings with BBQ sauce: $6.50
I love onion rings.  I love deep-fried, crunchy, oily onion rings. So for me to say that there was just way too much oil and grease in these means that some people may actually feel sick after consuming these.  The batter itself was really light and crunchy, but each mouthful felt like I was drowning in oil.  

Chilli Dog: chilli & cheese sausage on ciabatta roll with corn salsa and onion rings ($15.50)
Uh, melted cheese AND chilli sausage? Yes please! The sausage was incredibly tasty with all the cheese, chilli and spices going on, and the corn salsa provided a refreshing, crunchy relief.  It's kind of hard to eat since the bread roll is cut in half, so don't hesitate to use your hands and eat it like a sub.

Mac & Cheese: $6.50
You can't go into an American eatery and not try their mac and cheese.  It's almost a rule, well, for me anyway.  Unfortunately I am yet to find one that meets my expectations.  This one was creamy but bland.  There was hardly any cheese taste to the dish and any flavour that it did have came from the few sprouts used as a garnish.

Mylk Bar has the advantage of being new and therefore 'cool' which will draw people in, but the quality of their food is inconsistent.  I loved my chilli dog and a few of my onion rings (the less oilier ones) but the other dishes lacked flavour.  Service was pretty quick for a lunchtime and meal sizings are quite generous.  I would come back to try their other lunch options but I would probably be more excited for their tapas and pizza menu.

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