Wednesday, January 20, 2016

paramount coffee project.

Wow! It's been almost half a year since I last posted and I am truly very very sorry about that.  There are no excuses.  Delicious food does not wait for anybody and I had promised to be the bearer of food news.  My apologies, please forgive me.  Luckily for you I've got quite a back log of food posts just waiting to be posted so without further ado, let's move on!

Paramount Coffee Project was one of those places which burst onto the brunch scene with overwhelming popularity a few years ago and it seems that the force is still going strong.  My church is just around the corner from the busy cafe and it seems like every time we drive past, there are small crowds just antsy to get in.   My group of three decided to hit the urban/industrial/chic brunch spot on a Sunday morning and were seated outside among the share tables.

Before you even walk in, you will notice the famous high ceilings are and how much light there is inside.  It feels and looks incredibly spacious with the white, timber and stone accents.  The random plants also provide a spot of nature inside the old art deco building.  The menu is decently sized with enough options to keep you deliberating over for a good fifteen minutes.  Drinks are also on point - they're known for their coffee and their rotation of beans and roasters every four to six weeks so order the coffee if you love coffee!  Long-time readers will know that I am not a coffee drinker so I opted for the delicious-sounding nutella and pistachio milkshake instead.

Green Salsa & Kale Baked Eggs with Chorizo & Fetta Cheese
Now I know what you're thinking.  Kale?  Really?  Aren't we over that phase by now?  But mannn, that fried kale was the bomb.  It definitely helped to offset the tangy-ness of the green salsa which was a little too sour for my liking and the combination of creamy egg and crunchy kale was heavenly.  The chorizo wasn't moist enough - it almost felt like it was intentionally dried out but overall it worked okay with the entire dish.  I don't know if I'd order this again though.  There are too many other options on the menu to tempt me away from an ordinary dish.
Pulled Pork Tacos
 What surprised me about this dish was the slightly Asian twist it had going on with the parsley, cabbage and peanuts.  I only got to try a little bit but what I tasted was pretty good - fresh, a lotta greens and a whole lot of soft pulled pork.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Waffle
This is the moment you've been waiting for.  Sweet, thick maple bacon gravy slathered over a golden-fried piece of chicken with a large crunchy waffle on the side - how could anything be wrong? Well, unfortunately the waffle was a little soggy and didn't taste as though it was freshly made.  I know there's a difference in texture between Belgian and Liege waffles (and this was a Liege waffle) but still, waffles need to be crunchy and softy.  This one.....was not.  Other than that though, the dish was definitely not disappointing.    Top it off with some pickled apples and roasted hazelnuts and you have got yourself quite a feast.  Be warned that it's quite a heavy dish though so be prepared to share the gloriousness with some friends.  Or not.

My order was the salted pistachio and nutella milkshake (right) which was pretty much amazing.  The smooth, salty but sweet concoction had a generous dusting of pistachio crumbs on the top and was filled with these really weird but oddly satisfying crunchy honeycomb particles.  I didn't realise they were in there until I started scooping my drink.  It was almost like eating cereal but like, the most gourmet and hipsterish cereal ever.

Overall I was pretty impressed by PCP.  It took us a while to be able to order our food since we were sitting outside so none of the staff could see us frantically waving, but after that it was all smooth sailing.  Would definitely recommend this place, if just for a trial.

The Paramount Coffee Project Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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