Thursday, March 20, 2014

hello, yes.

There is tucked away, and then there is practically hidden from sight.  Hello, Yes is of the latter kind.  I would never have found it, or even dared to venture into it, were it not for some great reviews and it's staying on Urbanspoon's Talk of the Town list for quite a few weeks.  A huge, renovated garage on Eliza Street (off Waymouth Street) serves as the location for the grunge/artsy/eclectic eatery, including a decapitated baby head hanging on a chain smiling eerily as you order.

The menu is nothing spectacularly different from other breakfast and lunch places but there are enough choices to keep me interested.  Breakfast is all-day (always a good thing) and they have quite the list of teas, both hot and chilled, to choose from.

Good Doctor's Breakfast: tomato relish, chorizo, spinach, haloumi cheese, sourdough & dukkah-dusted eggs ($13.00)
There were things done well, and things which were just so-so.  The small, grilled cherry tomatoes were surprisingly enjoyable - each one burst juicily in my mouth with tart sweetness.  The chorizo pieces were chunky and yummy and I really liked the crunchy sourdough together with the dukkah eggs. The wilted spinach, on the other hand, was bordering on bitter while the haloumi cheese needed to be sliced into smaller pieces.  It was like eating a piece of salted rubber.

The Thing: pickled cabbage, green apple, pastrami & whipped feta on sourdough ($9.00)
I kid you not, that is the name.  It came out looking rather unimpressive, and I don't think my friend was overly impressed with the taste either.  I tried some of the pickled cabbage and thought it tasted nothing like pickles, more so of mayonnaise or just oiled cabbage.

Iced Apple Green Tea: $5.00
It was a big glass, but I wish they had brewed the tea a bit longer seeing as it was going to be diluted with ice.  The metal straw was also a surprise.  It felt weird drinking a cold drink through an even colder straw.

Not bad, but not anything spectacular.  It's a pretty chilled out atmosphere and the service is friendly - the waitress even let me choose another drink of any cost as they had run out of my original order, coconut water.  I really want to like this place and some of the other food options - the chorizo burger, stuffed mushrooms and the handsome fellow (bagel) - sound enticing so hopefully I'll be more impressed next time!

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