Sunday, November 3, 2013

from scratch patisserie.

It is rare that I am willingly in the city by 8 am on a Friday morning (or ever, really).  But when From Scratch Patisserie only opens on Friday mornings from 7 till 9 on Leigh Street, exceptions must be made.  They're also open on Sunday mornings at the Adelaide Showground Markets but see as I'm busy then, Fridays are really the only times I get to sample their delicious goods.  Last week I finally managed to wake up and get out to their weekly pop-bakery on Leigh Street, but one glance at the collection of baked delicacies and I knew I was in trouble.  

So. Many. Choices. Did I want an Ugly Raspbettie? Sfogliatelle? Choc'n'Pox? Apple Nanni Frangipani?  I generally don't get overwhelmed by choices, but this time it was so hard!  Eventually I was sold by the description of the Strawbshank Redemption - essentially a chocolate-cross-almond croissant with strawberries - and the Looky Looky We Got Cookie.  

Looky Looky We Got Cookie ($2.50) & Strawbshank Redemption ($4.50)
Inside: strawberries, strawberry syrup & melted chocolate; Outside: butter pastry with almonds & chocolate sprinkles
The first bite was good.  The second bite, when I hit the strawberries and the melted chocolate, was magical.  After that there was no stopping me.   Melt-in-your-mouth buttery but still slightly crunchy on the outside, the pastry was probably, although hotly contested by the chocolate sauce, the best part of the meal. 

What is there not to love about strawberries, chocolates and croissants?  The huge strawberries were also a great flavour booster - not too sweet and not soggy at all.  Absolutely loved this.  I could eat ten.

Roasted almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, milk & dark chocolate topped with sale flakes.
So you know how salted caramel has been making its rounds around desserteries lately?  This is better.  There are chunks of everything everywhere, so every bite of your cookie means you get a slightly different taste to the previous.  Perfect size for a snack and not expensive either!

It is so worth the early wake up to get here.  The prices are pretty reasonable for the size you're getting and the quality speaks for itself.  The seller is also happy to explain what each item is (they have some new ones every now and again), although be warned: knowing more about each pastry isn't necessarily a good thing, it just makes the decision more difficult!

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