Monday, November 11, 2013

corner store cafe.

Very, very tucked away into the suburb of Dulwich is the Corner Store Cafe.  Very, very worth your time and travel expenses is the Corner Store Cafe.  We got there around 1pm on a Friday afternoon and it was packed.  Surrounded by pretty houses and lots of lush greenery, the bustling atmosphere inside and out made for a delicious picture.

Seated outside, there were several heaters on the roof warming us up.  The menu offers some fairly standard breakfast and lunch items - eggs benedict, full breakfasts, foccacias, salads etc - but they all sounded very tempting.  

Prawn pizza: pesto, cherry tomatoes, bocconcini ($19.90)
In the words of my fellow eater: mmm yum yum yum.  Hot out of the oven so that the cheese was still slightly bubbling when it arrived, each bite was jam packed with flavour.  The warm cherry tomatoes were probably my favourite part since they were so juicy and sweet, a great complement to the creamy cheese and marinated prawns.  The base was thin-ish but doughy enough for a good bite.

Steak Pizza: blue cheese, caramelised onions, walnuts & rocket ($18.90)
Plenty of piping hot pieces of steak, sweet onions and crunchy walnuts - another delicious pizza.  This pizza was more sweeter compared to the prawn, largely due to the marinated steak and the caramelised onions.  The walnuts were a great addition in terms of texture and really made the pizza much more tastier.

Veggie Energizer: quinoa, mushrooms, avocado, spinach & poached eggs ($19.90)
So much veggie deliciousness in one plate! The mushrooms were amazing and cooked to soft and juicy perfection.  The quinoa was mixed with fetta cheese and avocado, a brilliant combination which was salty and creamy at the same time.  I could eat a whole bowl of that quinoa.  Two eggs, hidden beneath the pile, were poached perfectly with a smooth yolk running out.  The only gripe I had about this was that there was only one piece of bread provided - I think two pieces would have been better to soak up all the yolk and mushroom juices.

Good food makes a good cafe.  Good food and good service make a cafe a must-return i.e. the Corner Store.  Service was absolutely spot on - happy and very helpful waitresses, friendly and joking counter service and prompt clean up - and serving sizes were fairly reasonable, maybe a little bigger would have been nicer.  All in all though, a wonderful experience from start to finish and I can't wait to come back! 

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