Tuesday, October 29, 2013

east end providore on ebenezer.

Ebenezer Place seems to be the place to be opening up chic cafes this year, and East End Providore is no exception.  Small but gorgeously open and airy, EEP (eep! ...ehehe..) is a deli-style cafe which sells gourmet foods like French cheeses, local meats and fresh bread, but also has a dine-in menu which utilises their fresh produce.

The menu isn't large by any means - breakfast has four/five items and lunch has about six or seven - but they all sound very tempting.  They have a fairly large drinks menu in terms of coffee and bottled beverages and do a few fresh juices as well.

Prosciutto ham, Gruyere cheese & sun-dried tomatoes on toasted sourdough: $10.00
This is technically a breakfast item, but I was tempted by the thought of creamy melted cheese and sour tomatoes.  The bread was extremely fresh with a hard crust but very soft inside.  Quite a few layers of ham and melted cheese topped the bread, but I would have liked more tomatoes - there's only two! Sad face.

Prosciutto, marinated eggplant, basil pesto & rocket on sourdough: $14.00
Marinated mushrooms, beetroot chutney, fetta cheese, basil pesto & rocket: $14.00

Didn't get to try the others but they both looked amazing.  Heaped up with rocket and their individual filings, each sandwich screamed freshness and flavour.

Hot Chocolate: $5.00
I love love love the setting of this.  There's just something so ... lovely about it, no?  I wasn't expecting the almond biscuit (which comes with all coffees) and the glass of water, so it was a really nice surprise.  Unfortunately the chocolate was really milky and not very sweet - which I guess, for some, is a good thing, but I prefer mine to be sweeeet. 

Overall a charming place to have a light lunch or an afternoon coffee.  Serving portions are not large, so don't expecting to be holding your stomach after eating here.  The quality, however, is superb.  The owner is super friendly and is happy to provide help in choosing your food, especially when you have no idea what each ingredient is.

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