Monday, September 30, 2013

colin & co.

A friend and I came to Colin & Co. for a late lunch by random choice, neither of us being familiar with King William Road and its dining options.  I thought the layout of the cafe was pretty cool with an extended, covered veranda which gives the illusion of eating outside while staying cool (or warm) inside.

For those who are thinking that the place looks similar to Jones The Grocer, you're absolutely right.  The owners of the market/eatery changed the name to to Colin & Co. to fit in with their Rundle Place cafe under the same name.  For those who weren't thinking that, well .... there you go.

Dips (beetroot, hummus & pumpkin) & Pitta Bread: $12.90
Starting off the meal was trio of dips and warm, toasted pitta bread.  Having had the best pitta bread in my life back in Canada, this one came up to scratch - slightly oily, soft on one side but crunchy on the other.  Each of the dips had their own distinct flavour, my favourite being the beetroot.  The hummus was a bit too grainy for my liking.

Club Sandwich: $12.90
So I'd had a big breakfast earlier that day and wanted something light-ish.  This was the wrong thing to get for a 'light meal', but so worth the price.  The photo doesn't show it too well but the sandwich was huge and jam packed with fillings.  The bottom layer is tomato relish, egg and bacon while the top layer is avocado, creamy cheese, tomato, chicken and lettuce.  Stuffed between three slices of toasted bread, the combination of the two sandwiches worked really well together.  You have sweet and sour on the bottom and creamy on top .  It's pretty big so if you're not a big eater, you could easily share this between two people.

Lamb Salad: $18.90
This was Special of the Day No. 2 out of four.  They have examples of their specials in their fridge so you know exactly what it will look like, a concept which I quite like.  The vegetables looked enticing and I loved the fact that they use fresh corn as opposed to canned corn, as evidenced by the corn shavings.  Comments on the dish was that it was okay and tasted like a salad should.

Apple & Strawberry Juice, Green Tea
Despite the club sandwich being pretty delicious,the prices were pretty high for food which I could easily make at home.  Atmosphere was pretty comfortable and laid back and they do breakfasts, brunch and lunch options.   Service was adequate.  The club sandwich was actually a breakfast item which they stop doing at 2pm, but they kindly made an exception and made it for me anyway.

Overall there wasn't anything that particularly stood out or would make me want to come back.  If you're looking for a nice place for a coffee then this would be it, but other than that I'd move on to other places.

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