Friday, July 19, 2013

argo on the parade.

Happy (belated) birthday to me! There is no better way to start a birthday than with delicious food and I've been itching to try Argo on The Parade for quite some time now.  The place is always super busy whenever I walk by - no matter breakfast or lunchtime - and people are constantly checking into here on facebook singing their praises, which definitely catches my attention.

We came pretty early at around 9 am (yes, that is early) and most of the tables were already full.  The menu looked really familiar to me, and then it hit me - it's the same place as Argo on the Square in the city! Derrr..same sign, same layout, same menu.  But luckily the time I went to the latter was for lunch (which was also delicious), so I was still very excited for my breakfast.

Argo Benedict & Hash Brown: $17.40

 This was all sorts of yum.  It came out with two fairly large pieces of brioche bread, laden with leg ham, baby spinach leaves, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.  The hollandaise sauce was simply amazing.  It was thick, smooth and so creamy and definitely a lot better than the one which was served at ETC.  The eggs were also perfectly poached so that the warm yolk oozed out into the toasty bread.  The spinach and onion salad was a nice sharp contrast to the heaviness of the sauce.

Soft Poached Eggs Breakfast Sandwich: $10.90
The sandwich was made up of grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, baby spinach leaves and a soft poached egg. The two pieces of Brioche toast were huge and the perfect compliment to it's fillings.

Jack & Jill Breakfast Sandwich: $9.50
When this one first came out I was surprised at how big it was.  The toasted foccacia looked soft and inviting, not too dry.  The egg yolk was slightly running down the bread and looked so good in between the bacon, Swiss cheese and barbecue sauce.

Mochacino & Latte
I was very happy with my mochacino made with white chocolate, but was a bit disappointed to see that Argo on the Parade didn't have the selection of hot cocoas which are available at Victoria Square.  If you're ever there, make sure you check out the their hot cocoa choices.

It was a great first time at Argo.  The staff were perky and friendly, especially for 9 am in the morning, and the food was every bit as delicious as people made it out to be.  The rest of the menu looked very appealing and they have a lot of choices, so a second visit (either Parade or Victoria Square) is definitely happening, hopefully soon!

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