Wednesday, June 5, 2013

bread garden.

Bread Garden is a bakery which opened up last year on Payneham Road just opposite McDonalds.  It's owned by a Korean couple and not only offers a range of pastries and breads but also branches out into the cake, macaron and beverage region.  
My first thoughts upon entering the bakery was "IT'S SO PRETTY!" I love how the interior design - various vases of flowers placed here and there around the bakery and potted trees hanging near the seating area - really live up to the theme of the name. In fact it's like a little slice of Korea right here in Adelaide.  Bakeries (and most other eateries e.g. coffee shops, restaurants and cafes) in Korea are some of the prettiest and aesthetically pleasing places you will ever find. 

(L-R) Chocolate Croissant: $2.40, Chocolate Ganache Bun: $2.40
On the day I visited Bread Garden it was absolutely pouring with rain and as a result I was craving something warm and filled with chocolate.  After looking for quite some time over the selection of breads I ended up choosing a chocolate croissant and a chocolate ganache bun.

Chocolate Croissant: $2.40
The croissant was simply delightful.  Sometimes croissants can be really oily and end up sitting uncomfortably inside the stomach, but this one was just right in terms of lightness. The pastry tasted buttery and was quite soft to cut through.  The chocolate was divided into two strips running inside the croissant and melted slightly into the pastry without becoming really messy to eat.  It wasn't too sweet either, which I've found is the case with most chocolate croissants.  I guess it's a good idea to keep the sweetness down to a minimum when there's pastry involved as well, otherwise it's a moment on the lips and a risk to the pant zips.

Mocha: $3.80
The mocha wasn't really amazing in any way.  It did balance out the semi-sweetness of the chocolate but it wasn't really delicious.  It may have been because I ate the croissant first and then took a sip, but I found that there wasn't much of a balance between the coffee and chocolate flavours.  

Based on the experience of my chocolate croissant I look forward to future visits to the Bread Garden.  There really are a lot of different types of breads and pastries which come at a pretty reasonable price and it's a very relaxing way to spend the morning or afternoon with a iced or hot drink.  

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