Monday, April 1, 2013

pho minh.

I'm not a massive fan of pho, but I do appreciate it once in a while.  There's nothing like a bowl of noodles with all parts of a cow (forgive the crude expression) soaked in a delicious beef soup.  It's generally pretty healthy, especially if you add in the bean sprout and basil leaves, and isn't heavy on the stomach.

My grandma was actually the one took me to Pho Minh for the first time a few years ago, and ever since I've  never had a better bowl of pho anywhere else.

Combination Pho: $10
The soup was one of the highlights of the pho.  It has so much flavour in it and doesn't have any MSG in it, which means it didn't leave me thirsty afterwards.  The meat was also really fresh and good quality.  I prefer eating the combination because there's a lot more variety instead of just fresh beef.  The fresh noodles, as opposed to the dry noodles, really gave the pho an extra dimension.  They were silky and slid down so easily.  The combination isn't for everyone though, especially if you don't intend on eating intestines or tendons.  The sizes were also very reasonable for the price, if not leaning towards more the bargain end.  I ordered a small and it filled me up completely, and I can eat quite a bit.  

Bean Sprouts and Basil Leaves
A lot of people  find that adding bean sprouts and basil leaves give the soup and noodles some extra flavour and makes it taste better.  Personally I don't add in anything extra to my pho.  I find that the original flavour is  fine by itself.

Soda Egg: $4
This is one of my favourite drinks to order when going to a Vietnamese restaurant.  The drink is a mixture of condensed milk, egg, strawberry flavouring and soda.  It sounds rather strange when you just listen to the ingredients, but it has such a delicious taste.  The fizziness of the soda and the creamy texture of the condensed milk remind of me Milkis (a Korean soft drink) but the strawberry flavouring adds in another flavour.

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